We would like to inform you that we REMAIN OPEN for ROUTINE & EMERGENCY DENTAL TREATMENT.


Throughout the pandemic we have strived to make Cotteswold House Dental Care as safe as possible for all our patients and staff. We will continue to do so going forward.

From the 19th July, nothing will change at the surgery – patients will need to still wear a face covering and socially distance, and staff will continue to wear PPE


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Gum Disease

Preventing gum disease – all you need to know
Along with understanding the importance of daily teeth brushing, you will most likely also know that gum disease also plays a vital role in good oral hygiene.…


What is Composite Bonding

What is Composite Bonding
Smile transformations are not always about moving crooked teeth or adjusting overcrowded gums. Sometimes, it is simply a matter of cosmetic enhancement rather than undergoing months of orthodontic procedures.…


Financing your Invisalign Treatment – interest free for up to 24 months!

We know that the cost of Invisalign and other dental procedures is an important factor in deciding whether to proceed with treatment. One off dental work such as aligners and implants can be big expenditures that need to be budgeted for.…


Facial Aesthetics at Cotteswold House in Gloucester

For many, home and hybrid working has opened up the opportunity for having aesthetic procedures with the desired privacy to recover. When you’re not facing a busy commute or the scrutiny of colleagues everyday, it’s become easier to find a few days to focus on yourself and seek to refresh your appearance.…


Children and dental hygiene: A guide to looking after your child’s teeth

Starting good a dental routine at an early age is vital. From cleaning your baby’s gums to teaching your children how to clean their teeth independently, these early years are creating the foundation of a lifetime of good oral hygiene.…