In response to the guidance that has been issued by our Chief Dental Officer and the British Dental Association, to further reduce the transmission of COVID-19, we must sadly close the practice. We are no longer permitted to treat patients face to face. Urgent and emergency care will be based on telephone advice.

If  you are suffering with a dental emergency (for example: pain, swelling, bleeding, trauma) you can call the practice on 01452 524024 for TELEPHONE ADVICE ONLY. If you need treatment, we will refer you to the local urgent dental care system, or alternatively call NHS 111. 

It is our duty of care to protect our patients and staff, so please do follow these guidelines. Many thanks to everyone for your understanding. For the latest updates please CLICK HERE.


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Statement of Purpose

Aims & Objectives

Our Dental Practice consists of dedicated and professional employees who have exceptionally high values regarding patient care. We aim to provide excellent oral health treatments in line with local and national guidelines to the whole of the community without discrimination.

Our Aims

We aim to provide consistently high quality treatments that meet the expectations and needs of our patients. In addition we aim:

  • To offer a friendly and professional service.
  • To motivate and encourage our team and acknowledging their value.
  • To treat our patients with dignity and respect.
  • To set and monitor targets in all areas.
  • To invest in equipment and technology to enable us to keep up to date in all aspects of general dentistry.
  • To provide continuous improvement of our services using the views of our patient experiences.
  • To refer on to appropriately qualified specialist dental practitioners where necessary after obtaining valid consent from the patient.

Our Objectives

The objectives of the practice are to deliver a service of high standard in line with professional standards.

  • To be accountable for the performance of the team and individuals.
  • To respond to the needs of our team and patients promptly.
  • To encourage continuous improvement and provide training in all areas.
  • To support and encourage each other in achieving patient expectations.
  • To ensure staff are trained and competent through investment and personal development plans.
  • To increase patients influence by providing a suggestion box.